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The Scientific Committee has evaluated and selected 9 abstracts for Plenary Oral Sessions.
They have been short-listed for the Best Presentation Award at KINGCA Week 2019. The final evaluation will be conducted during presentation hours.

Under the theme of ‘BEYOND the BEST, SHARE the SPIRIT!’, 9 presenters will present and speak to a wide range of professionals on their high-quality research. The sessions will be held on April 11 (Thu), 15:10-16:20.

Selected Abstract list

Plenary Oral Session 1: Plenary Session
No. Abstract Title Presenter
1 Application of artificial intelligence(AI) technology for the prediction of invasion depth in early gastric cancer (EGC) Hong Jin YOON
2 Inhibiting the GAS6/AXL axis suppresses tumor progression by blocking the interaction between cancer-associated fibroblasts and cancer cells in gastric carcinoma Hoon HUR
3 Long noncoding RNA SDCBP2-AS1 inhibits gastric cancer progression through SDCBP2-AS1/hnRNPK/β-catenin axis MENGLIN NIE
4 Impact of remnant stomach volume and anastomosis on nutrition and body composition in gastric cancer patients In Seob LEE
5 Cost effectiveness of laparoscopic fundoplication versus continuous medical treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease in Korea Kyung Won SEO
6 Intraoperative neurophysiologic testing of the perigastric vagus nerve branches to identify the nerve’s signal pathway and viability during gastrectomy Seong-Ho KONG
Plenary Oral Session 2: Plenary Session & KGCA grant
No. Abstract Title Presenter
1 A novel immune cells-included model to predicting survival and adjuvant chemotherapy benefit for gastric cancer patients after R0 gastrectomy Jun LU
2 NIR-image for HER2 positive gastric cancer Kyoung-Yun JEONG
3 Pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC) combining with standard systemic chemotherapy in gastric cancer (GC) with peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC). Results of 294 procedures in 121 patients from non-randomized phase-2 study. Vladimir KHOMIAKOV
  • *The presentation order will be announced with the presentation guidelines by e-mail.


Awardees will receive prizes from the conference during the Closing & Award Ceremony (April 13, 12:30-12:45)

  • -1st Prize: USD 1,000 (1 person)
  • -2nd Prize: USD 500 (2 persons)
  • -3rd Prize: USD 300 (6 persons)