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We anticipate a successful KINGCA Week 2019 thanks to your passionate participation.
To make for an excellent opportunity for active discussion with rich academic experiences, we will be holding a Video Contest and request you to submit your videos. There are two contest categories you may submit to. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your video.

[Deadline for Submission]

December 31, 2018.

[Steps for Video Submission]

  • Step 1 Click the ‘Submission Link’ and log-in with the KINGCA ID/PW [ID: peoplex /PW: 6067]
  • Step 2 Click the ‘올리기전용/Upload Only’ and ‘KINGCA Week 2019 Video Contest’
  • Step 3 Drop the video and description file to the related folder.
  • -Upload the video (WMW, MPEG or AVI format) and description file (Word format) onto Webhard.
  • -Recommended title of your file: [Applicant’s Name] Subject Number. File Name

[Contest Details]

Contest 1. Unique Surgical Tips for Laparoscopic Gastrectomy

  • -Submit an edited video (5 min. max) and a brief description related to one of the below subjects.
  • -Applicants whose videos are chosen will win a gift from the Organizing Committee.
  • -Selected videos from each subject will be presented by assigned organizers.
  • 1-1Various techniques of liver retraction for gastrectomy
  • 1-2Various techniques of mesenteric defect closure
  • 1-3Various techniques of stapler entry hole closure
  • 1-4Optimal placement of drainage after gastrectomy

Contest 2. Lessons from Problematic Situations (Intra- and Post-Operative Complications)

  • -Submit an edited video (10-15 min.) related to Intra- and post-operative complication.
  • -Please refer to the below subjects and it is possible to submit for subjects other than the examples.
  • -Applicants whose videos are chosen will present each video as an invited speaker.
Subject Example
  • 2-1Management for Massive bleeding situation
  • 2-2Chaos situation occurred during 12a lymph node dissection
  • 2-3Handling of staple malfunction
  • 2-4When and how to perform re-operation for post-operative leakage
  • 2-5Common intra-operative problems with chronic alcoholic patients.
  • 2-6Others