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  • -Deadline for Tour Reservation: March 24, 2019
Tours will be arranged by a travel agency. If you would like to participate in a tour, please complete a tour reservation form and send to HanJin Travel.
If you have any inquiries regarding tour, Please feel free to contact directly.
Inquiries: Mr. Dennis Park  /  Tel: 82-2-726-5543  /  Fax: 82-2-778-2514  /  Email: [email protected]


  • -Your reservation must be guaranteed by your credit card information when applying. Tour fees should be paid by credit card once the tour is confirmed with the minimum number of persons (10) for each tour.
  • -Tour will be confirmed after the payment.
  • -Tours are subject to change or cancellation if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In the case of cancellation, the travel agency will contact you individually.
  • -Cancellation/Refund Policy: Cancellation must be made to Hanjin Travel in writing ([email protected]). After the tour confirmed, refund is not available. (100% penalty will be applied)
  • -Minimum 10 people are necessary for tour take place
OP-1DMZ & Dolmen Site [UNESCO World Heritage]
  • *Date / Duration: Apr 11, 12 / 13:00-17:30
  • *Price per person: KRW120,000
    (Minimum 10 people are necessary for tour to take place)
  • *Price includes private bus, English-speaking guide, Admissions as per itinerary
  • *Itinerary:
    Meet at the venue – Drive to DMZ area (1hour) – Ganhwa Peace Observatory –
    Dolmen Site [UNESCO World Heritage] – Back to the venue
  • *Description:
    Ganghwa Peace Observatory was constructed in the northern area of the Civilian Restricted Zone in Cheolsan-ri, Yangsa-myeon. Entry to this area was once strictly prohibited for the general public. Since it opened in 2008, the observatory has been providing accessibility to visitors to see the area's natural ecosystem. Ganghwa Peace Observatory also shows images related to the Korean War (1950-1953). The basement floor and fourth floor are used as a military facility. The observation area where one can see the land of North Korea includes Yeseonggang River, 2.3km long, Gaeseong Industrial Complex and etc.
  • ‘Dolmens’ are stone graves/tombs which date back to the pre-historic era. Dolmens are largely concentrated in Northeast Asia with Korea alone being home to a total of around 30,000 dolmens. The Ganghwa Dolmen Heritage Site, in Bugeun-ri, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, encompasses roughly 120 dolmens, most of which are Northern-style dolmen that are made of large pieces of stone 7.1m in length and 2.6m in height. The dolmens in this region are found in unusual altitudes of 100-200m above sea level and reveal important information about the prehistoric period. The Ganghwa Dolmen site was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in Nov. 29th, 2000 along with Gochang Dolmen and Hwasun Dolmen sites.
OP-2Incheon Market Tour
  • *Date / Duration: Apr 12, 13 / 09:30-13:00
  • *Price per person: KRW100,000
    (Minimum 10 people are necessary for tour to take place)
  • *Price includes private bus, English-speaking guide, Admissions as per itinerary
  • *Itinerary:
    Meet at the venue – Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center (Time to make and play the Danso, Korea Traditional Bamboo Flute, with the owner of an intangible culture heritage) – Sinpo International Market – Back to the venue
  • *Description:
    sinpo International Market: Located in Sinpo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Sinpo Market (3,300㎡) dates back to the late 19th century when vendors began selling fresh vegetables to the Japanese, Chinese, and Westerners who settled in the area. Sinpo Market was officially registered as a market in 1970 and now boasts over 140 stores. An increasing number of tourists and international merchants have visited Incheon by ferries and cruise ships, turning the local market into an international shopping area over the past few decades. The most famous item of the market is dakgangjeong, a Korean dish of crispy fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce. Other popular dishes include yuni jjajang, egg tart, freshwater fish jeon, mandu, and jjolmyeon (chewy noodles).
OP-3Seoul Tour (1night)
  • *Date / Duration: Apr 13-14 / 14:00-
  • *Price per person: KRW200,000 (Single Occupancy: KRW280,000) (Minimum 10 people are necessary for tour to take place)
  • *Price includes
    1 night at Sotetse Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun (4-star): Double Occupancy
    Private bus, English-speaking guide, Admissions as per itinerary, dinner (1time at local restaurant), Airport limousine ticket per person
  • *Itinerary:
    Apr 13 (Sat)
    Meet at the venue (1400) – Move to Seoul (1hour) – Cheongwadae (Blue House) road – Gyoengbokgung Palace & National Folk Museum – Insadong Antique Alley – Dinner – Hotel C/In (2000)
    ※Hotel is located at Dongdaemun Area so people can have a free time at Dongdaemun night market & DDP
    Apr 14 (Sun)
    C/Out hotel – Transfer to ICN on your own (airport limousine ticket will be provided)

Individual Tour

Incheon is safe to visit. A variety of food and entertainment can be found all over the city. If you do not have a chance to go on a group tour, you are encouraged to enjoy Incheon by yourself.

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