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Meet the Professor Extended Deadline: March 22 (Fri)
“Meet the Professor” session which will provide valuable interaction among 5 renowned experts and enthusiastic participants.
Please be aware that these are small sessions with limited attendance (about 10-15 people among junior faculty, fellows and residents) and are intended to give participants the opportunity to have interactive discussion with the faculty regarding challenging issues and interesting topics in gastric cancer.

If you would like to join a “Meet the Professor” session, please submit your application to the secretariat office by e-mail ([email protected]) by March 22, 2019. Confirmation of your session attendance will be informed by e-mail before the congress.

To ensure your seat, please apply as early as possible.

April 12 (Fri), 13:00-14:00

  • Hans.-J. Meyer
  • Jimmy B.Y. So
  • Yutaka Yonemura
Session Code Venue Session Title Session Addressor Affiliation CV
MTP1 301 (3F) Minimally invasive versus conventional gastric surgery- what is the realistic procedure in the Western world? Hans.-J. Meyer German Society of Surgery, Germany cv
MTP2 303 (3F) Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC): Techniques and Early Experience Jimmy B.Y. So National University of Singapore, Singapore cv
MTP3 304 (3F) A comprehensive Treatment for Peritoneal Metastasis from Gastric Cancer Yutaka Yonemura Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital, Japan cv

April 13 (Sat), 07:30-08:30

  • Il Ju Choi
  • Young-woo Kim
Session Code Venue Session Title Session Addressor Affiliation CV
MTP4 301 (3F) Helicobacter pylori treatment for gastric cancer prevention: current evidence and ongoing studies Il Ju Choi National Cancer Center, Korea cv
MTP5 303 (3F) Developing and performing investigator -initiated clinical trial Young-Woo Kim National Cancer Center, Korea cv